FALLEN TREES book propped on a tree in Riverside Park

A Review From Spain

A recent review on Goodreads made me smile.

She called FALLEN TREES “an ideal book to spend an autumn afternoon,” which I consider high praise. I’ve told friends I consider it to be a good summer beach read, and you could say she describes the autumn equivalent.

Into the Deep author first draft to book

A Relic Linked to My First Book

I am in the process of replacing the large, outdated desk in my home office and came across this printout as I was emptying drawers and shelves recently. It’s the final draft of INTO THE DEEP, the book I wrote about the flash flood on the Kansas Turnpike in 2003 with the man whose family perished in that tragedy.

Local Wichita, KS authors

Celebrating Local Writing

I had the pleasure of listening to three Wichita authors discuss their books at a recent Wichita Professional Communicators luncheon. The writing journeys of other authors always interest me to see how they compare to mine.

FALLEN TREES book propped on a tree in Riverside Park

Want to Read an October Book in October? Here's Your Chance!

Temperatures are cooling down, leaves are starting to turn, jackets and long-sleeved shirts are being pulled out of the closet…

Autumn is definitely in the air.

FALLEN TREES audiobook script

Why an Audiobook?

Local Author Day was nearing its conclusion when I noticed a young woman speaking with the author seated at the table next to mine at the Advanced Learning Library in downtown Wichita.

James Lee Burke collection of books

Wisdom From a Master

I was fortunate enough to take a creative writing class from James Lee Burke when he taught at Wichita State University, and his encouragement was invaluable in letting me know I had actual writing talent instead of simply an annoying hubris.

Author Stan Finger at Local Author Day 2022

Meeting Readers – And Reconnecting With Fellow Authors

Local Author Day was a treat on Saturday at the Advanced Learning Library in downtown Wichita. I was one of 88 authors participating in the event and people were browsing and chatting with writers well before it formally opened.


Reinforcements Have Arrived

I've ordered extra copies of my novel for Local Author Day on Aug. 20 at the Advance Learning Library in downtown Wichita.

Local Author Day sign at the library

Spotted at the Library

It'll be here before you know it. I hope to see you there. I'll have goodies for your free swag bag, too!

Local Author Day

Local Author Day

I hope you can join me and about 100 other local authors at this popular event next month at the Advanced Learning Library downtown. I love meeting people and hearing what they like to read.