Udal tornado memorial

Get to the Basement!

“Why has the sun gone down in the middle of the afternoon?”

I still didn’t need all of the fingers on one hand to tell you how old I was, yet I knew something was terribly wrong.

Cover of Cheryl Unruh's Gravedigger's Daughter

A Compelling Conversation About a Daughter's Love for Her Father

Cheryl Unruh is a gifted chronicler of the Kansas existence, and her most recent book, Gravedigger's Daughter, is a collection of essays on her father and growing up in the central Kansas hamlet of Pawnee Rock.

Kansas Leadership Journal magazine issues featuring articles by Stan Finger

Broadband Internet: Why Does So Much of Kansas Not Have It?

I have been asked to be on a panel for an event hosted by Engage Kansas Monday night in Hutchinson. The topic will be broadband access in Kansas and how millions of dollars coming to the state should be spent to improve internet service in the Sunflower State.

FALLEN Trees script


...things don't turn out the way you hoped. I have had to pause work on the audiobook version of FALLEN TREES because work demands for one of my voice talents made their continued involvement untenable.  

Fallen Trees book cover, a novel by Stan Finger

A Delightful Surprise

I received an unexpected treat the other day when a friend who is an instructor at Wichita State University called to say she was telling her students about an audio-to-text program I had recommended to her that they could use while working on their memoirs.

A stack of books including FALLEN TREES by Stan Finger

I Spy…With My Quick Little Eye….

Speaking of bookcases (as mentioned in my last blog post), I am always delighted to discover one of my books on someone’s bookshelf.

Bookcases in author Stan Finger's office

At Last! More Space for My Books

I haven’t gotten much work on my novels done over the past few months, but I have a good reason: I have been busy converting a spare bedroom into a full home office. My old setup was simply too limited, with furniture that was not designed for laptops or ergonomic keyboards.

FALLEN TREES book propped on a tree in Riverside Park

A Review From Spain

A recent review on Goodreads made me smile.

She called FALLEN TREES “an ideal book to spend an autumn afternoon,” which I consider high praise. I’ve told friends I consider it to be a good summer beach read, and you could say she describes the autumn equivalent.

Into the Deep author first draft to book

A Relic Linked to My First Book

I am in the process of replacing the large, outdated desk in my home office and came across this printout as I was emptying drawers and shelves recently. It’s the final draft of INTO THE DEEP, the book I wrote about the flash flood on the Kansas Turnpike in 2003 with the man whose family perished in that tragedy.

Local Wichita, KS authors

Celebrating Local Writing

I had the pleasure of listening to three Wichita authors discuss their books at a recent Wichita Professional Communicators luncheon. The writing journeys of other authors always interest me to see how they compare to mine.