“Fallen Trees”
—A Novel by Stan Finger

Robbie Richten is at a crossroads, both personally and professionally. A promising relationship has faded. His freelance writing career in Kansas City is withering. He returns to his childhood home, a family farm in central Kansas, hoping to sort out his future. While there, he crosses paths with a friend and former classmate who has suffered a devastating loss. They connect anew, prompting Robbie to wonder if something more is possible. But then Robbie's ex-girlfriend in Kansas City reaches out, seeking another chance. As he struggles to revive his writing career, Robbie finds himself torn between two women. Where will his heart lead him?

Reviews for “Fallen Trees”

“Woven through with wonderful prose and description, it is a thriller of the heart with an ending that made me catch my breath!”

—Caytlyn Brooke, award-winning author of WIRED and DARK FLOWERS

“There's plenty of great authors who deal with the need or exigency (Raymond Carver) to cut, shorten, sharpen. Some rewrite their works infinitely, bringing them to their very bones (Graciliano Ramos, the Brazilian master). Some go straight to the point (Cormac McCarthy). Mr. Finger deserves a place among them.”

—Len Berg, Brazilian journalist