FALLEN TREES audiobook script

That's a Wrap!!!

It took a while, but we've completed the first read of the FALLEN TREES audiobook at Shocker Studios. Now comes the retakes and sound editing. I have no idea how long that will take, but we'll keep plugging away at it.

Wichita, KS lightning photo by Robin Lorenson

We Can See Even With Our Eyes Closed!

I woke up in the middle of the night not long ago and rolled over onto my other side to see if I could nod back off. Moments later, even though I had my eyes closed, I saw a flash of light.

A.J. Dome and Stan Finger

Brewin' Up Something New

There’s something magical about the Flint Hills of Kansas. It’s like driving through an ocean that changes colors depending on the season.

Flag T-shirt

Remembering Dad on Flag Day

I wore the Stars and Stripes on Flag Day, in memory of what my father once told me about how much the flag meant to him. There was no more meaningful sight to him than Old Glory on the battlefields of World War II, because it showed him where safety was in the midst of combat's chaos. It also reminded him of what he was fighting to protect.

patched knee of jeans

Just a Scrap? No, It's Much More Than That

My sister found a nice piece of denim to patch a hole in these oh-so-old-but-oh-so-soft jeans and I was delighted. I know jeans filled with holes are all the rage these days – news flash: that was trendy decades ago, too, kids – but I didn’t like how the hole in these well-worn jeans kept getting bigger as time passed.

fresh popcorn

Am I Crazy, Or Is That Fresh Popcorn?

At first, I wondered if I had lost my mind. Not long after I entered Towne West mall one recent evening, I began to smell hot, buttered popcorn. Mind you, the theater on the far end of the mall had been closed for ages, thanks to the pandemic and then a business decision by the owner.

Shocker Studios

A Snippet from the "Fallen Trees" Audiobook

We’ve made a lot of progress on the audiobook of "Fallen Trees," and I thought you would enjoy a snippet from our recording. I can’t wait for it to be available to all of you who love to listen to stories!

Mike Bates

Remembering the Andover Tornado – and a Special Journalist

It’s been more than 30 years now, but every April 26 my mind turns to the massive tornado that struck Haysville, Wichita and Andover, killing 17 people – 13 of them in Andover. I reflect on those who died, the loved ones they left behind, and how that one storm led to such dramatic changes.

Recording session for "Fallen Trees"

At Long Last…

…work has resumed on the audiobook of Fallen Trees, and we’re excited about it. Recording actually started three years ago (three YEARS???), but was delayed first by a complete renovation of Shocker Studios, where we’re doing the book, and then by pandemic-driven shutdowns.

Author Stan Finger

Welcome to My New Blog!

Well, it’s not really a new blog – more a new home for my existing blog. “Scribbles From a Scribe” has been percolating (on low heat, to be fair) for a few years elsewhere on the web, but I didn’t post on there terribly often.