New Books, Old Friends – Oh, and I Sold a Few Books, Too

There was plenty of buzz around Local Author Day at the Advanced Learning Library in downtown Wichita on Saturday.

Maybe it was because so many authors signed up that tables didn't just fill the main conference room, they lined adjoining hallways.

local author day 2023 overflow
local author day event 2023 overflow
local author day event 2023

Maybe it's because the crowd arrived early and stayed steady throughout the event. I had so many people stop by consistently that I didn't get to do as much browsing of other writers' offerings as I have in the past.

Maybe it was all the smiles I saw throughout the day—from fellow writers happy to see each other and talk to browsers about their books, to people who found something they just had to get.

Me? I smiled when a woman announced she had come specifically because she saw I would be there, and she wanted a copy of FALLEN TREES. That would make any writer smile.

local author day 2023 book purchases

I also got to see a couple of friends who attended my very first FALLEN TREES book signing several years ago now. They're anxious to see my next book be published (spoiler alert: so am I).

I sold some books and learned from Watermark of an overseas purchase of FALLEN TREES. I do hope they enjoy it!

One of my favorite parts of Local Author Day is seeing other local writers I know—and meeting new ones. It's also fun to snap up a few local books that interest me. This year was no exception.

I'm already making plans to participate in next year's event. Please join us!