FALLEN TREES audiobook script

Why an Audiobook?

Local Author Day was nearing its conclusion when I noticed a young woman speaking with the author seated at the table next to mine at the Advanced Learning Library in downtown Wichita.

She was blind and had a guide with her to help navigate the unfamiliar layout of the library’s main conference room. I motioned her guide over and mentioned softly that her friend might like to know I was having an audiobook of my novel FALLEN TREES made.

The guide immediately told the woman, who was instantly intrigued and asked me about TREES. I gave her a brief description, including that it was set partially in Kansas City. She whooped in excitement and began dancing on the spot because that’s where she grew up before coming to Wichita to attend Wichita State University.

“I can’t wait to read it!” she proclaimed.

Her enthusiasm was like the cherry on top of a good day, and it reminded me of why I had decided to do an audiobook of TREES: For people like her, others for whom the written word is a struggle, and those who like having something to listen to on their commutes or while jogging or doing mindless tasks.

My hope is they’ll find it to be a worthwhile listen.